Balvis Rubess Illustration and Animation

Welcome! Sometimes I paint, sometimes I animate, sometimes I design.

Recently I've been busy illustrating and animating virtual pop-up books for the last 3 seasons
of a show callled "Evil" on Paramount+. You can jump to the "Evil" work here.

My illustration work is here. My animation work is here.

Or, please click on any of the images below to see larger examples. The first two links take you to a new page that contain the illustrations and animations for all episodes of each respective season of the show "Evil".

Evil Season 2 Pop-up BooksEvil Season 3 Pop-up BooksEvil Season 3 Woodcut AnimationsEvil Season 2 Illuminated LettersLovebirds IllustrationCaged illustrationMarilyn Manson IllustrationMonkeyboy illustrationwild west illustration for Arena StageFear of Chickens Illustration